Med kundens egna ord

Torsten Jansson
Owner and CEO, New Wave Group AB

“In the beginning of year 2011, my weight was 155 kilos and today, one year later, I am less than 100 kilos. The Fustra-method has changed my life and I have to say big thank you to Jarkko Kortelainen. I have gone from not being able to tie my shoelaces to being able to play my favorite sports (Tennis and table-tennis. I can play hour after hour and I don’t even feel tired. The Fustra –method has increased my energy level to the max which also helps me manage my business even more successfully.

Hans Wallenstam
Owner and CEO, Wallenstam AB

I’ve been training with Therese Stenlund for the last 3 years and I’m so grateful I met her. With the FUSTRA-method she have rebuilt my body and changed my life to the better. I’m happier, stronger more energetic than before. Today my entire family is working out with her and I will strongly recommend it to everyone!

Peter Hjörne
Owner and Editor-in-chief at GP, Stampen AB

Me and my family have been training with Jarkko Kortelainen and the Fustra-method for the last seven years. The results are amazing, not just physically but also mentally. My posture is better than it was 20 years ago and that makes me look and feel much younger than I actually am. This training method should be part of everybody’s life.

Owe Bergsten
Owner and CEO, Bergsala AB

This training works perfect for me. I can keep myself in good shape even though I travel a lot because I can do my exercises in my hotel room, at home or at the gym. The Fustra-method and my trainer Anja Saxmark has also affected my everyday life, how I sit, how I stand and how I walk. My quality of life has become much better since I started to train with the fustra-method.