Fustra rekommendationer

Viking Bergström
Owner and CEO, CMS Sweden

I own the leading marketing and management system for gym businesses in Sweden (72 clubs). It was totally natural to start the co-operation with Fusion Functional Training (Fustra) and Jarkko Kortelainen because they have the leading personal training concept in Scandinavia. We are looking for results in our gym business and Fustra can deliver it.

Mikko Mustala
Owner and CEO, Foreverclub

We have quadrupled our turnover in personal training 2011 since we started using the Fusion Functional Training (Fustra) concept with Jarkko Kortelainen as a training consult. Fustra is the biggest health and fitness product that I have ever seen during my 30 year business career and I am happy to have it in my eight gyms.

Johan Brunström
Professional ATP Tennis Player

I had really big problems with my knee and shoulder before I started to use the Fustra-method and train with Jarkko Kortelainen. Now my problems are gone and I have become faster than I was before. The Fustra-method is part of my daily training.

Mikaela Parmlid
Professional golfer

I have trained with all the best Physical trainers at Top-training centrums allover USA. When I met Jarkko Kortelainen and I started to use the fustra-method I could not believe how fast I got my results. Why has no one told me all this before. For 12 years I have been searching for the best way to train and now I have found it, with Jarkko Kortelainen. I am in better shape than ever and that´s amazing since I got my first baby 5 months ago.

Tiina Ruotsalainen
Fustra Personal Trainer

I completed the Fustra-education 2,5 years ago and last year I sold 90.000 euros worth of personal training. That is like a dream come true. I know other trainers who work with other methods and they don´t believe me when I show them my results. Thank you Jarkko Kortelainen.

Jonas Ånestrand
Founder, Sportlife rehab center

I completed the Fustra Education six years ago, after my Physiotherapy education. It gave me a good, solid ground when it comes to work and after that I was able to build a rehab center at Sportlife.  I use the method with my clients and they are more than happy when they realize they can have a pain free life. The Concept that Team Fustra has built works for everybody.

Torsten Jansson
Owner and CEO, New Wave Group AB

“In the beginning of year 2011, my weight was 155 kilos and today, one year later, I am less than 100 kilos. The Fustra-method has changed my life and I have to say big thank you to Jarkko Kortelainen. I have gone from not being able to tie my shoelaces to being able to play my favorite sports (Tennis and table-tennis. I can play hour after hour and I don’t even feel tired. The Fustra –method has increased my energy level to the max which also helps me manage my business even more successfully.

Hans Wallenstam
Owner and CEO, Wallenstam AB

I’ve been training with Therese Stenlund for the last 3 years and I’m so grateful I met her. With the FUSTRA-method she have rebuilt my body and changed my life to the better. I’m happier, stronger more energetic than before. Today my entire family is working out with her and I will strongly recommend it to everyone!

Peter Hjörne
Owner and Editor-in-chief at GP, Stampen AB

Me and my family have been training with Jarkko Kortelainen and the Fustra-method for the last seven years. The results are amazing, not just physically but also mentally. My posture is better than it was 20 years ago and that makes me look and feel much younger than I actually am. This training method should be part of everybody’s life.

Owe Bergsten
Owner and CEO, Bergsala AB

This training works perfect for me. I can keep myself in good shape even though I travel a lot because I can do my exercises in my hotel room, at home or at the gym. The Fustra-method and my trainer Anja Saxmark has also affected my everyday life, how I sit, how I stand and how I walk. My quality of life has become much better since I started to train with the fustra-method.